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design furniture Baxter sofa Swivel lounge chair

Baxter Sofa Swivel Chair

This baxter chair could be the first-class cabin to Europe, it’s a real like a cloud.

The comfort of a duke’s chair, the tolerance but not collapse of clouds (very supportive)

Including shoulder and neck support ___ is really practical!!

It can be the Nanny rocking chair in the European bedroom.

The front and back natural rocking design is comfortable and extraordinary.

Product Detail

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Art Name Baxter sofa Swivel Chair Series Swivel-free-series
Body Size                             Material Farbric
Height   Surface Farbric
Length   Fill  
Width   Body feet  
Packing size   Productive time 15-30 days
Height   Assembly Self-assembly with screwdriver without special tools
Length   Designer KRISTEN

Craftsmanship and Detail


From woodworking, inlay, tailor to detail control and production,PISYUU strictly controls and presents the best texture to consumers.

baxter chair 750x750

[Design inspiration]

designer chair

In addition to meet the home curling/stretching/sitting/lying posture

In fact, in real life

This is the most popular mother and baby sofa exported to North America.

Rotatable/self-rocking/high requirement for comfort.

Double fill/large puffer cloud by pack to stretch

The single person sofa that compares market visible is bigger piece, have package feeling more

Four grid cloud pack rest and cushion

Double Stuffed down + Doll cotton (double all)

Contract manufacturing for Europe for years

We are full size raw materials (without any reduction), who sits who knows.

I come home and I just want to throw myself "into the hug of this couch



Both the backrest and the cushion can be removed. The materials are made according to European first-class standards,

Conveniently removed, that is, sitting ottoman

It is very comfortable to sit on the floor

[More detail]

[Fall asleep in seconds/no dizziness at 30°]

30 degrees back and forth, so this is special! That's really wonderful!

You don't feel dizzy and weightless

Semi - mechanical return, no pedals, a gentle shake can be automatic continuous shaking.

You will know the enjoyment feeling of baby chair style.

sofa chair
American chair

[Experience Feeling Report]

Sitting upright or cross-seated, from the neck to the entire back spine

Both fit tightly to the back of the chair, like a strong and reliable hug

Full of security, and let you sit on, dignified and beautiful posture!

[Future prospect]

PISYUU has always implemented the  original design as the core, and adheres to the concept of "creative Living • lead fashion", committed to becoming a world-renowned home furniture design brand, striving to improve the quality of human life.


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