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1600+ brand convergence, PISSYU will participate in the 42nd International Dragon Furniture Exhibition

The 42nd International Dragon Furniture Exhibition media meeting was held in Longjiang Town Government, Shunde District, Foshan City. The 42nd International Dragon Furniture Exhibition will be held from July 24 to 27, 2022. At the meeting, the relevant person in charge introduced the highlights and concerns of the exhibition to the media. PISSYU will be at the show.

It is understood that Shunde Longjiang is the birthplace of China's modern furniture industry cluster manufacturing, with the world's largest professional market for furniture materials, and enjoys the title of "China's furniture design and manufacturing hub" and "China's furniture material Capital". For more than 20 years, international Dragon Furniture Exhibition has been deeply cultivating Domestic demand in China and radiating overseas market. Up to now, it has successfully held 40 sessions of exhibition, known as "The first exhibition of Chinese furniture to expand domestic demand and enter the international market of the belt and Road".

According to relevant controller introduces, the dragon home show and materials exhibition, a total forward exhibition center, Asia, the international exhibition center, milan expo remit currency, five big hall, a total exhibition area of 150000 square meters, the whole industry chain will display the big furniture products and services, covering by "material" to "make" to the whole industry chain upstream and downstream all category, + 1600 brand resources, The scene is expected to welcome "100,000 +" professional visitors, a comprehensive display of longjiang town's high-quality furniture products and furniture raw and auxiliary materials.


Highlight 1: Strive to create cutting-edge brands and enhance the vitality of the exhibition

Hu Zhongxin, general manager of Foshan Qianjin Exhibition Center Co., LTD., introduced that the longjia Exhibition will bring together more than 900 brand enterprises from major furniture production bases throughout the country to participate in the exhibition. The products on display include all trends, hot spots and various styles and series of products in the current market. At the same time, qianjin Exhibition Center No. 2 hall will create a new bedding area.

It is worth mentioning that this exhibition focuses on the positioning of "leading the trend of furniture" and "platform for the promotion of cutting-edge brands", and comprehensively evaluates the scale, market positioning, independent development ability and enterprise development planning of the intended exhibitors in the early stage of investment promotion to ensure the quality of the introduced enterprises.


Highlight 2: Online and offline simultaneous exhibition, to create Shunde furniture online celebrity IP

It is reported that the shunde Furniture Intelligent Manufacturing Culture Festival organized by shunde Furniture Association has been launched on August 28 and will reach its climax during the exhibition period of "Dragon Home Exhibition". The activity is guided by perennial live streaming, inviting many professionals of short video production to show the first scene of modern, high-end and intelligent furniture industry to consumers, and guiding consumers to punch in local shunde and experience the charm of Intelligent furniture manufacturing in Shunde.

He Shaoxin, deputy director of Economic Promotion Bureau of Shunde District, said that shunde would further concentrate and optimize various resources to help guide industrial agglomeration and promote industrial upgrading, and continue to fully support Longjiang furniture to become bigger and stronger.

Post time: Aug-01-2022