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Challenge household edition build dream children room

Challenge household edition build dream children room
From Yoyo Wen home
I really only used three pieces of furniture
Create a princess room full of dreams

Three Goddesses of Beauty” by young artist Dajie Mai
Extended carpet of the same painting
Soft children’s pony chair Pony Chair

Simple three furniture
It looks rich and harmonious
And a little pink princess bed
Perfect. Perfect

Rich colors can stimulate children’s visual sense and sense of space
But that doesn’t mean it has to be filled with a lot of stuff
Aesthetic education is a subtle thing
Spare space left by simple decoration of children’s room
Babies will have plenty of time to polish up as they grow

Especially small families
Children’s room decoration should be more simple
Carpet floor
The baby has the same place to sleep and play
A clear division of the home area is more convenient for follow-up

chair supplier  (1)

chair supplier  (2)

children chair

design chair


little pink princess bed

pony chair

Soft children's pony chair Pony Chair

Post time: Dec-27-2022