• Sofá casero, silla, cama, mesa.

“Hand carry tea table” ◼️ : saddle leather storage bucket. The black/white rock | | |

“An unrestricted portable home.”


Inspired by HERMES. so black.

___ [black barrel/white outer stitching] ___

Take inspiration from the British black horse with its rare white eyelashes

Pretty! Noble!

Italian leather edge is uniform and smooth

Each stitch is H classic manual outer stitch.

___ [Recommended scenario/Multi-purpose] ___

“Side table/tea table/living room storage/storage counter

/ Coffee Table/nightstand”

In real life, we sit around drinking tea

Often when interested, go to the balcony to sit

Only 6.5kg net weight

The hostess can move ___ from the living room to the outdoors with one hand.


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# Small soft outfit big change # decoration case # Nordic wind # minimalist wind

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coffee table

designer table

dinning table

table (1)

table (2)

table 3


tea table

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