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Hermes birkin “glacier grey & white rock” ◼ ️ : hand carry tea table |

“An unrestricted portable home furniture.”

With the previous big hot H SO BLACK hand edge several, the same series


Outer seam with expensive gray

-tea table

Optional HERMES Birkin glacier ash

With rock milk white color

Simple with Italian “old money” chic.

With modern/minimalist/fine decoration home, too easy to match!!

-coffee table

___ [Italian leather seam/mirror lock] ___

Italian leather edge is uniform and smooth

Each stitch is H classic manual outer stitch.

“Side table/tea table/living room storage/shelf /

Coffee Table/nightstand”

There are so many scenarios you can use

In real life, we sit around drinking tea

Often when interested, go to the balcony to sit

Only 6.5kg net weight

The hostess can move ___ from the living room to the outdoors with one hand.

-coffee table

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