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PISYUU furniture orginal design and home design

01 With original design, boost the development of high quality

"Where there is a home, there is Foshan"! Foshan is the "of Chinese household", is "capital of Chinese furniture", shunde PISYUU fully absorbing the essence of this piece of land, both the household industry pioneer perception of design, and the furniture industry in one hundred inheritance and technology to process, gradually formed by the "original design" as the core product, given the traditional furniture industry brand-new appearance, and booster air moves towards the world, It is deeply consistent with the theme of Guangdong Live Greater Bay Area

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Live Greater Bay Area

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PISYUU diversified innovative home furnishing

During the live broadcast, PISYUU executive CONNIE LIANG told Guangdong TV's Live Greater Bay Area team, "Original design is not only PISYUU's own label, but also a business card to show the rise of Chinese originality to the world. He also showed a number of PISYUU original products and design concepts, and invited the hosts to experience PISYUU products

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Post time: Aug-02-2022