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“Upward power” Pisyuu attened 2019 Zhanjiang Design Power Foshan Office Annual Meeting and Design Trend Summit


On January 5, 2020, with the theme of "upward power", the 2019 Zhanjiang Design Power Foshan Office Annual Meeting and Design Trend Summit was grandly held in Vienna Foshan Hotel.

The important guests attending this conference are: Wu Wenkui, president of Zhanjiang Design Power Association, Wu Pingcan, Director of Foshan Zhanjiang Design Power Office, specially invited guests: Mansion design one elder brother, into the international agencies Zheng Chengbiao, red kapok, founder of the group chairman of the board of directors, senior tax experts jun-jie liang, following the teaching school, tsinghua university, institute of sun yat-sen university to ring, school of management professor EDP center estate MBA class, foshan institute of science and technology, industrial design and Dr Dean Fan Jinsong ceramic art design, shunde polytechnic, dean of the school of yao's beauty Professor kang, foshan Wu Shihui technician institute department director, guangdong vocational and technical college, dean professor wen-dong li light environment industry, indoor branch of China construction institute senior consultant Liu Liping, smart industry professional committee of China real estate chamber of commerce, deputy director of the xiao-hua zhou from all over the country, such as more than 1000 in zhanjiang, design, designers, partners, higher-ups, industry association Leaders and media from all walks of life attended the ceremony to witness zhanjiang design power, an upward force in China!

At the end of secretary General Huang's wonderful planning report, The expert committee of Guangzhou Housing Association · Senior finance and taxation expert Liang Junjie opened the foshan Zhanjiang Design Power Design Trend Summit with the theme of fiscal and tax policy analysis of furniture decoration industry. At the meeting, Liang Junjie said: Along with the increase of government investment and the vast majority of people living standard rise, the furniture decoration industry ushered in the rapid development, in the output growth trend, the macro environment and the housing decoration industry is evident in the influence of government policies, but overall, the furniture decoration industry is still on the rapid development of the situation.

Post time: May-02-2020