Autumn house ,we take Miami Dior jungle carpet home with home

Autumn house ,we take Miami Dior jungle carpet home with home

A rain a cold

Having been on a business trip for the better part of a month, we finally returned home

It’s gonna be hard to get out

Nest for the comfort of autumn and winter, boys!!

– — -
Pairs chair

Big autumn home change operation

This roll of Paris is my main carpet

I saw it in front of the art wall at DIOR Miami last year

Think, think…

It’s been a year and a half since I could draw it by hand

– — –
leisure chair

It’s a far cry from the luxury of Herms-Jungle

Paris jungle, more ink elegant freehand environment

I find myself more and more in love with Oriental designs

It was a fascination.

Very fine strokes, sparse results in a dense black, white layers of transition

It seems that it will be transformed into a painting on the wall of Versailles

It’s holding me back

Into the shadows of the fragrant trees in the autumn twilight

Too beautiful to be true!!

– -
lounge chair

Rime/plum/crane feather, these beautiful and indifferent eastern images

Touched the tip of the heart!!

I just want to break out of the stereotype that autumn is all “orange, orange and gold.

Non with light shading, and transparent ink dyeing

The peacock blue “Smile Chair” with wax leather is specially designed for it.

Uh-huh! My Eastern Paris home!!

It seems so. Shanghai is called the Paris of the East

And in this moment, it clicked

design chair

pony chair

rocking chair

Post time: Nov-25-2022