A favorite lounge chair accompanied by a tinted autumn

A favorite lounge chair accompanied by a tinted autumn


In the fall I was sitting in my yard watching a movie
I want to read a book in the sun
There was a lounge chair in the courtyard
By the window in the living room
At his feet is a lazy little cat
The coffee was still warm in his hand

This beautiful moment requires a unique temperament of the lounge chair



Togo Chair

Togo Chair

Togo Caterpillar sofa is a very suitable for home leisure sofa, is a true sense of the world’s first fully shaped sponge sofa.

Togo sofa frameless is composed of 3 kinds of foam with different densities,

the elasticity of foam is strengthened by the pull button line, soft but supportive comfort,

wide and thick soft support bag, streamlined to follow the human curve, relieve back fatigue and pressure,

12 folds design increases friction with the human body, like a caterpillar, will not be suddenly “slip out”


The series has been sold in the world for more than 30 years, and has won the favor of countless consumers

with its unique shape and comfortable sitting sense,

which is definitely the best choice in the family space.






Post time: Aug-28-2023