Caterpillar Togo sofa came out of mini style!!


Pisyuu always looking for a nice kid’s couch sofa
The Togo chair it’s easy to use, but it’s got to blend in with the main house.
To complement the existing Togo trio.
I went out of my way to get an idea for my client

A real Togo Mini for kids
⚫️ medieval green

lounge chair


togo sofa
All of them are real, everyday photos
“Like the soft belly of a couch dog.” ️
Living room/study room/children’s room/game room
Child independent chair.
Alone, playing, reading…
Children will not disturbe the visitors
(Adults talking about children crawling on the sofa experience, understand all)

As shown in Figure2

pisyuu furniture

It’s rare. “Be quiet and have your own little world”

Parent-child interaction
“Adults need to stop squatting or sitting on the ground.”
Both children and adults are comfortable
The sofa on the carpet/Ottoman, saved me!
Childish with kids?
“The children of fashionable people should also be fashionable.”

lounge chair

Post time: Jun-08-2023