Lambs wool leisure chair, enhance the happiness that occupy the home

Contracted shape design, double circular arc by package wrapped in full body, experience of arms to caress,

It’s like a big, fluffy cloud ️, soft, waxy, and it keeps you enjoy anywhere,

The surface is made of lamb wool, feels delicate, smooth and skin-friendly, and every time you sit down, you feel as if you were placed on the back of the lamb.

The interior is filled with high density resilient sponge, which brings a soft but not collapsing feeling of sitting, full of support and satisfying your every wayward relaxed posture.

High hardware foot design, appearance level pass, simple and durable, stable support is not easy to shake,

Whether it is the living room, bedroom or study, balcony, can be placed freely, 360° no dead Angle is beautiful,

Such a variety of styles of home furnishing space fairy single product, do you love it ️?

lounge chair

leisure chair

design chair


Post time: Nov-21-2022