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The configuration of this armchair is distinctive in structure, and it also references the shape of the human body. The chair is a metaphor for a large, comfortable uterus, reminiscent of the ancient goddess of fertility. However, it has other meaning: a circular Ottoman that attaches to the chair. Thus, the comfortable and convenient image is blended with the more symbolic image of a woman, with a ball attached to her foot by a chain. Gaetano Pesce explains the project as follows: AT the time, I was telling a personal story about my concept of women: I believe that women have always been prisoners of their own reluctance. Therefore, I decided to design this armchair as a female with a chain and ball, which is the traditional image of prisoners.

Product Detail

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Art Name B&B UP Series
Body Size Material
Height Surface
Length Fill
Width Body feet
Packing size Productive time 15-30 days
Height Assembly Self-assembly with screwdriver without special tools
Length Designer KRISTEN

Craftsmanship and Detail


From woodworking, inlay, tailor to detail control and production,PISYUU strictly controls and presents the best texture to consumers.

Design inspiration

• Miss Lazy series
• Retro/ full of gentle fairy tale color
• For all art deco homes
• Designed for the Reception of the French Royal Hotel
• Minimalist
• Light luxury

In 1969, American furniture master GAETANO PESCE designed this chair. The shape of the chair imitated the curvy female body, completely breaking the boundary between design and art, as if a gentle and warm mother gave people a sense of security, with open arms.

The Fabric 100% nylon

• Miss Lazy series
• Waterproof antifouling
• Soft line
• The shape of the human body
• Healthy and environmentally friendly breathable fabric

Armchair fabric with color stripe like a sacred and elegant gem。In the hall it is blooming dazzling brilliance。When it encounters the simple and light imitation snail design, coruscated with the exquisite sense of beauty, profound and elegant.

Framless sofa

• All in one cotton
• Fully rounded 3D curved surface

Because of no water chestnut structure, It is safe and comfortable. The appearance like a work of art is comfortable and beautiful


• high density sponge
It uses high-quality cotton filling instead of sponge, so it has good resilience, soft characteristics
High elastic straightness &no collapse
The seat bag is filled with high-density sponge to make it comfortable to sit and resist collapse

More Detail

The four supporting areas have a comprehensive sense of pressure relief
according to the people's reliance habit, it can more fit the body curve to reduce the waist burden and release spinal pressure

More color to be chosen

Future prospect

PISYUU has always implemented the  original design as the core, and adheres to the concept of "creative Living • lead fashion", committed to becoming a world-renowned home furniture design brand, striving to improve the quality of human life.

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