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Hippopotamus Chair

Hippopotamus couch is a soft product with 360 degrees of no dead Angle, no harm for people, similar to the first principle of robots — always show consideration for people. in order to present this, the designer is following Michel Ducaroy’s great idea of “wooden frame sofa” in the last century. The hippopotamus couch use exquisite sponge design. The back of a chair chose the sponge with stronger support force and seat face chose the sponge with higher comfort to let a person can fall wantonly on sofa. At the same time, the back of the chair is decorated with independent sponge strips, so that a comfort and texture hippopotamus sofa was born. Additional,design is fit for body line, it won’t collapse for sitting or lying for a long time. Whether it’s enjoying the sun outside or enjoying coffee inside, it adds fun to your life.

Product Detail

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Art Name Hippopotamus Chair Series Miss Lazy Series
Body Size Material Farbric
Height Surface Farbric
Length Fill
Width Body feet
Packing size Productive time 15-30 days
Height Assembly Self-assembly with screwdriver without special tools
Length Designer KRISTEN

Craftsmanship and Detail


From woodworking, inlay, tailor to detail control and production,PISYUU strictly controls and presents the best texture to consumers.

Design inspiration

• Home art series
• Nanotech fabric
• Without wooden frame design,fully sponge
• Ergonomic and a reliable design
• Minimalist
• Light luxury

This hippo sofa was originally customized for Belgian customer, with a soft sitting feeling. The designer chooses scientific and technological cloth from California as the fabric, which is good enough to reach the skin friendly level in terms of feel and comfort. How comfortable it can be in the bedroom and living room.

The Fabric and Sponge

• High backrest and high support design
• Nanotech fabric
• Easy to clean
• Sofa line
• Anti-slip fabrics
• No assembly
• High elastic sponge

The fabric not only has the suede feeling of natural texture, but also has the skin friendly, breathable and comfortable softness. It is easy to clean, do not need to worry about the fabric being damaged by pets.

Irresistible color option

• Popular for half a century brown
• Gentle pink purple
• Classic elegant grey
• Versatile and quaint deep blue


• AA+down feather
• High density sponge

The head pillow is filled with down feather, the backrest is made of high support sponge, no matter how to lean on it, it is not deformed, and the soft sponge is a comfortable support for the black neck and back.

Elegant curve radians

The chair is wrapped so that you can recline comfortably

Hippopotamus Chair

The chair is wrapped so that you can recline comfortably

Future prospect

PISYUU has always implemented the  original design as the core, and adheres to the concept of "creative Living • lead fashion", committed to becoming a world-renowned home furniture design brand, striving to improve the quality of human life.

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