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This caterpillar sofa originally created by French designer and named Togo (Born in 1973).Togo is the first truly frameless sofa in the world, so it’s very light and can be carried by hand. The interior of the sofa is filled with 45 density molded sponge, which makes the sitting feeling more comfortable and elastic. The height of sofa and its arc decided the whole sofa sit feeling, accord with human body engineering. In order to fit the curvature of the back of the human body, the top of the back of the sofa is a little forward, waist and seat at 90 degrees. The drape of sofa waist is natural and smooth, quantity and width have exquisite extremely, we use manual sewing entirely. In the whole process, we put ourselves in the perspective of consumers and look at products with a critical eye, hoping to present the best to you.

Product Detail

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Art Name TOGO Series Miss Lazy series
Body Size  Material
Height Surface
Length Fill
Width Body feet
Packing size Productive time 15-30 days
Height Assembly Self-assembly with screwdriver without special tools
Length Designer KRISTEN

Craftsmanship and Detail


From woodworking, inlay, tailor to detail control and production,PISYUU strictly controls and presents the best texture to consumers.

Design inspiration

• Miss Lazy series
• Retro/ full of gentle fairy tale color
• For all art deco homes
• Designed for the Reception of the French Royal Hotel
• Minimalist
• Light luxury

--------Frameless sofa TOGO
The representative work of Michel Ducaroy
When sitting at the beginning,it is soft, after a while, the weight of whole body is immersed in gentle encircle quietly.

The Fabric

• Miss Lazy series
• Exclusive leather fabric
• Easy to clean
• Soft line
• Full sponge support structure
• Twelve folds design

It is made of soft and delicate fabrics and feels smooth and round. The seats are filled with sponges, so that it is soft and hard in texture, and rich in layers. Removed the sharpness and stiffness of the skeleton, it is leading to a more saturated sitting sensation and a better fit to the body's curves.

Leisure French life Synonymous

Leisure French life Synonymous

Togo, With its fold acts like a spoiled a pei dog lies down to you.Shows its soft belly exposed.
it's so comfortable that you want to go sleep on it when you see Togo.
With a very comfortable sitting feeling, Togo popular up to now, it is still a star single product.
There is not shaken its position in the sofa industry in half a century.


• High desity sponge
• Frameless design

We use an integrated sponge filling with high rebound. It has the characteristics of thick and soft, so it has full rebound and moderate languor, soft and supporting force.
The interior is frameless and consists of a single 45-density sponge, so sitting and comfort can vary considerably. The edges are soft and footless, so you don't feel pain if you accidentally kick the sofa. Families with children must own one!

About material

[Classic brown/alpaca beige]
You can also use full suede to maximize this softness.
It's soft and waxy like fabric and wears well.
Most important: Easy to clean and take care of.
The present [Italian matte leather farbic]
Beautiful brown textured cortex
A strong sense of elevation to another realm

"Good sofa, it's your trampoline.
Home is supposed to make you happy. "Low center of gravity design
The comfortable height allows your feet to land naturally when you are sitting down, at the same time,it is giving you a sinking feeling.

Experience Report

Worthy of the name of the lazy couch, with its sitting otoman.
Each big star, household blogger are all "pour affection" recommend it
You can see how popular it is
I put it in the studio by myself
It's already my personal chair
Every time I go to work, the first thing I do is sit on it
You can sit however you want
No dead Angle comfortable
It has the power to bring you back to your most relaxed state.

Double needle sewing process
The unique double needle sewing process uses reinforced needle and thread, which is more firm and not easy to come off.

more cloth to choose
suede fabric
• deep blue
• deep green
• yellow
• orange

Microfiber leather fabric
• brown
• yellow
• white
Gradient fabric

Future prospect

PISYUU has always implemented the  original design as the core, and adheres to the concept of "creative Living • lead fashion", committed to becoming a world-renowned home furniture design brand, striving to improve the quality of human life.

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