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Nordic White GUBI Rocking Chair With Armrest


White chair with cream head From PISYUU, this chair has a nice name: Baymax
Life is more or less full of moments of confusion and loneliness, some casual warm company is a strong force to support you to continue to move forward. You need a corner to sit alone, even if it’s just a chair. ‘ Leg structure simulates sleigh type principle, before and after safe shake, sit as in swing Fluffy rabbit plush, soft waxy slippery ~ With a foot, can sit and stretch legs Snuggle up in Baymax’s arms and watch the show, sit down and be cured

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    Art Name                    GUBI ROCKING CHAIR Series  
    Body Size   Material       
    Height   Surface  
    Length   Fill  
    Width   Body feet  
    Packing size   Productive time 15-30 days
    Height   Assembly Self-assembly with screwdriver without special tools
    Length   Designer KRISTEN

    Craftsmanship and Detail


    From woodworking, inlay, tailor to detail control and production,PISYUU strictly controls and presents the best texture to consumers.

    Design inspiration

    • Life is a little busy. Thank you for always on the way
    • Life is a little difficult. Thank your family for being here all the time
    • Designed this rocking chair with this shape
    • It's like warm sunshine
    • Give my dear you a warm hug


    [The Fabric]

    Imported high quality flannelette

    It is delicate and close to the skin, not easy to shed lint and fluff, and presents different luster in different directions

    [Soft Cute]

    Hugging sitting, ergonomic design
    Take care of the feelings of different parts of the body, pay attention to every angle, not only comfortable, but also full of security


    • Thickened full seat bag

    Sponges of different densities inside the chair

    Comfortable support, moderate soft and hard sitting feeling


    [high-density sponge]

    Sleigh swing, full of fun

    Improve the chair support and replace it with a base that can swing

    It is made according to the swing principle of the sled. It is fun

    The fabric is made of skin-friendly lamb fleece from Denmark,
    which has a newly upgraded waterproof and anti-fouling function

    [Future prospect]

    PISYUU has always implemented the  original design as the core, and adheres to the concept of "creative Living • lead fashion", committed to becoming a world-renowned home furniture design brand, striving to improve the quality of human life.

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